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Addition of added filtration, or even changing out old systems is sometimes recommended due to constant stress on the machines. Pumps and filters run constantly and will eventually give out. Also, aquatic technologies are constantly changing and improving.

Protein skimmers (saltwater & reef) are an excellent way to remove excess waste (i.e. toxins) from the tank. The skimmer produces foam that collects in a waste cup to eliminate it from the tank. This process is similar to the brown foam you will see on the shore of the ocean (nature’s skimmer).

UV sterilizers can be useful in algae control as well some disease prevention. They entail an ultra- violet light source which the aquarium water passes across to kill unwanted algae spores, parasites, and other pathogens.

Complete re-plumbing of closed-loop systems is sometimes necessary due to upgrades in products or replacing of pumps etc. This can be easily done using new tubing or PVC, to prevent leaks and/ or salt accumulation.

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